Lebanon Shot Twice is a 255 page tri-lingual hard-cover book; great as a gift, and perfect for your home library. More than 250 rare photos documenting the Lebanese civil war and following up on its heroes.

Order now through PayPal using your PayPal account or your credit/debit card to receive your very own copy of the book autographed by Zaven. The book costs US$125 and that includes shipping it anywhere in the world.

The book is also available in all branches of Malik's and Virgin Megastore in Lebanon.

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" A different vision of war through time and our transformations."
Talal Silman - Assafir Newspaper
"It is an easy to read book of an intelligent idea, a rational structure, a simple form and a clear objective."
Nazih Khater - Annahar Newspaper
"Good to see that the bleeding young girl in the old photo is today a beautiful, healthy young woman."
Peter spetjeans - Daily Star Newspaper
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