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Zaven Kouyoumdjian, well known as Zaven, is a television producer, a talk show host, and a media consultant.

          Born In 1970 In Beirut, he studied Communication Arts at the Lebanese American University and started his career in 1992 as a news reporter on Lebanon's state-run TV.

           Kouyoumdjian's television career has several highlights including 5/7, Sireh Winfatahet, Al Akid, and Bala Toul Sire which was first aired in October 2014. "Bala Toul Sire" is a diverse talk-show with episodes about life, society and people in the form of a live weekly magazine, covering different topics stemming from current headlines or the unreported margins.

          In 2005, the international Newsweek magazine named Zaven as one of 43 most Influential people In the Middle East for being a "one man democratization movement".

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