The idea for "Lebanon Shot Twice" came out of a forgotten drawer full of photos that Zaven had cut out from different newspapers and magazines during his childhood years in the Lebanese war.

          "Where are they after all these years?" was a question that haunted Zaven when he rediscovered the remnants of his teenage hobby in an old family house. The quest for the anonymous faces, frozen in black and white, was a hard and difficult journey.

          Two years of a door-to-door search, resulted in this trilingual (Arabic / English / French) gift book that contains a splendid collection of photos of people and places - both as they were during the Lebanese civil war and as they are today.

          "Lebanon Shot Twice" is neither a book about war nor a history book. It simply tells the untold and forgotten stories of those who experienced the years of madness. "Maybe it's just an attempt to foresee the memory of the future," says Zaven.

          "Lebanon Shot Twice", first published in 2003, is now in all bookstores in Lebanon and on-line in its third edition. Zaven presented his book to a large international audience in book signings in Beirut, Dubai, Jordan, Kuwait and Bahrain.

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